Product Warranty Terms

The warranty period of key parts (hydraulic parts, motor, hydraulic cylinder, pump etc.) is 12 months from the delivery date .Within the warranty period, if any damage occurs in the course of operation by reason of inferior quality, bad workmanship or the use of inferior materials, the buyer shall immediately notify Power Hound Australia in writing and provide sufficient evidence. Power Hound Australia shall provide new or repaired parts required correcting the damage at Power Hound Australia expense. However, Power Hound Australia shall not hold the responsibility for any losses caused by misuse of the attachments or accessory, parts and components and which were not sold or approved by Power Hound Australia. Power Hound Australia is not liable for any wear parts on attachments or machines used in the proper manner, as this is accepted by the purchaser to be reasonable with the day to day working of the attachment or machine. Power Hound Australia liability will be limited to the value of the defect parts and components. In no case, Power Hound Australia will take the responsibility for the loss caused by consequential damage or effect.

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