Tired of backbreaking log lifting and wrestling with stubborn firewood? Power Hound Attachments has your answer with their Australian-made, excavator-mounted wood splitters, designed to tackle even the toughest Aussie hardwood with ease.

Built for Aussie Conditions  

Power Hound’s managing director, Steve Thwaites, understands the unique challenges of Australian timber. That’s why their splitters aren’t built for softwood like overseas brands, they’re engineered for the ironbark, gum, and stringybark that defines our landscape.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Operating from your excavator’s seat, these splitters eliminate the need for manual lifting, saving you time, effort, and potential injury. Plus, they double as a grab, letting you easily lift and position logs from the ground or fence before splitting them to fireplace-perfect size.

Powerhouse Performance

With a 54cm stroke and a 40-tonne hydraulic ram, these splitters make light work of even the most stubborn logs. 1.8m hoses and quick-release couplings ensure seamless integration with your excavator, while custom hitches guarantee a perfect fit.

Break Down Giants, Effortlessly

Unlike traditional splitters, Power Hound’s design lets you tackle oversized logs up to a metre wide. Simply roll the log onto the splitter and keep splitting until it’s fireplace-ready – no sweat!

Beyond Splitting

Power Hound’s range extends beyond wood splitters. They offer:

  • Tractor-Powered Wood Splitters for traditional Splitting Needs
  • Heavy-duty tree pullers to clear land with ease
  • Versatile fork attachments for efficient material handling
  • Hydraulic Grabs for excavators, tractors, and skid steers
  • Excavator Thumbs coming soon, perfect for precise rock and log handling

For 15 years, Power Hound has been synonymous with quality Australian attachments. They focus on innovative, niche products built for our unique conditions, ensuring you get the job done right, every time.

Ready to conquer Aussie timber? Contact Power Hound Attachments today and experience the difference! Email your enquiry or call us on 0488 200 205.